the Five Sailed Windmill - Reputedly the finest working windmill in the country.
We would like to wish our visitors a very Happy New Year (although strangely it now seems like a very long time ago!). This is going to be another year of change and innovation with some rather nice updates to the tea room decor and more yummies on the menu as the year progresses (don't panic, we are going to be hanging onto our old favourites!).

Since the demise of the original and unique Five Sailed Windmill teacake made with our own flour, we have still been unable to find a local baker who is able to produce them for us in quantity. Any suggestions gratefully received!

The site is also undergoing some improvements which we are determined to unveil during the first quarter (as well as new garden furniture which will be introduced when the weather improves a bit). We don't want it to float away... 

Opening Times

We are currently open at weekends (10am until 4pm on Saturday and 11am until 4pm on Sunday).  During 2013 we moved our Sunday opening time to 10am in an attempt to make the timetable easier to understand, however, this change ended up making our lives more difficult and very few visitors arrived during this extra hour, so we have reinstated 11am opening.

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