the Five Sailed Windmill - Reputedly the finest working windmill in the country.

Since the demise of the original and unique Five Sailed Windmill teacake made with our own flour, we have still been unable to find a local baker who is able to produce them for us in quantity. Any suggestions gratefully received!

Talking of flour...along with other mills, we are having difficulty in getting hold of Spelt grain, so there is a possibility that Spelt flour will have to be discontinued until further notice.  UK wheat has also been of rather poor quality and in short supply...we are having to use Organic Canadian wheat until the next UK harvest is available. The upside is that this wheat mills beautifully and the resultant wholemeal flour is very fine indeed!

A new Website is planned but as with all things there has been so much to do that it has been delayed.  Something else that has been delayed is the 2015 Site Leaflet...the monthly opening times shown in the existing leaflet are accurate - only the holiday opening dates will change.

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