the Five Sailed Windmill - Reputedly the finest working windmill in the country.
Just a few of our products...

Wholemeal Wheat Flour
Made from the whole wheat grain, with nothing added or taken away. Use it in your favourite recipes, either on its own or with a proportion of white flour.
White Flour
Produced by sifting the wholemeal flour to remove the bran. Slightly 'heavier' than commercial flours it is untreated and imparts a more natural flavour.
Rye Flour
For rye bread or in combination with other flours to impart a nutty flavour.
Maize Meal (Corn Meal)
Gluten-free and can be used to make corn bread, muffins, chapattis and polenta.
Special Malted Four Grain
A blend of wheat and rye flours, malted wheat, barley and oat flakes, specially produced for making tasty granary bread.
Dutch Recipe Pancake Flour
A perennial favourite - an unusual blend of wheat, buckwheat and rye flour to bring added flavour to your pancakes.

We also stock Morning Foods Porridge and Jumbo oats - they know a great deal about oats as they have been milling since 1675!  We often have them in stock just days after they have been produced and our customers are always surprised how much better they taste than the well known supermarket brands.
In addition, we stock a wide range of cereals and mueslis, many of which do not contain added sugar or salt.

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