5 Bingo games for toddler

Various games play a major role in the development and education skills of children, and bingo is of no exemption. When played in the right way, it helps kids learn and have fun at the same time. Luckily, bingo games are available in different kinds, including those that are ideal for toddlers. When you identify the best bingo games, you can introduce them to your toddler and create a fun and learning moment for them.

Below is comprehensive information on the 5 best bingo games for toddlers that you will not regret investing in.

Thinkfun Zingo Bingo

In addition to being a bingo, Thinkfun is also a Bingo. This is a bingo game that allows the young to match words and pictures to the challenge card they have. The game is full of fun as the toddlers hurry up to be the first to match the pictures and words and have a full card. After finishing matching, they yell the word ZINGO.

Thinkfun Zingo bingo has two levels of play, and the one who finished both levels first is the winner. The game’s characteristics, such as being a fast-paced game, help the child build on their language skills. Thinkfun is among the top-selling junior games in the market today. We give this bingo game a five-star rating since it does not disappoint your expectations.

Product descriptions:

• Has 72 double-sided tiles
• Comes along with a parents’ guide
• Has six double-sided Zingo
• Can be played by children of four years and above
• It is a game of two or more players
• Has a unique zinger device which makes it ideal for players of various ages

This bingo game falls in this category since it is the best overall. It is also the most suitable for young children.

Numbers Bingo Game

As its name suggests, numbers bingo game is a bingo game that involves numbers. If you are looking forward to introducing your child to numbers or help them learn faster, then this is an ideal way to go. The game is not only exciting but also helps them learn various math skills. It allows children to match numerals to words, thus teaching them numbers running from 0-20. The set includes 36 playing cards, meaning that it can accommodate up to 36 players.

On the other hand, numbers bingo is an ideal game for children with disabilities and those who want to learn English. This game is most appropriate for children between the ages of four and seven.

Product specifications:

• Eases learning the numbers 0-20
• The set includes 36 playing cards and over 200 chips
• Has a unique six-way format
• Includes a mat and caller’s cards
• Has a sturdy card and storage box

The rating for this bingo game is 4.5 stars. You will love it since it is the best for teaching numbers.

Take N Play Anywhere Bingo

 Are you looking for a bingo game that you can easily carry around with you as you go to play? If yes, you have the option of the Take N Play Anywhere bingo game. You can use a game to keep children occupied during long trips or in waiting rooms. The Taken N Play Anywhere bingo can help your children build their vocabulary and spelling skilLS.

 It involves having one of the players think of a word and put the magnetic tiles to start. In the event of an incorrect word, you fill the handing man. Therefore, the challenge is to complete the word before you fill the hanging man. The tiles are of high quality.

 Product specifications:

 • The game involves two players

 • It includes 62 letter magnets and eight blank magnets

 • Has six hangman body parts

 • Comes with game board rules and guidelines

 • Ideal for children of five years and above

 • Has two scoring markers and a magnetic game board

 We give this game a 4.5 stars rating. It also falls on this list since it is the easiest to carry.

Toysmith Outdoor Discover Bingo

Games seem to be more interesting when they are played outside. For this reason, if you are looking for a bingo game that your kids will play outdoors, Toysmith outdoor discovery bingo is a wise choice to go for. It has quality and high functioning gadgets that will allow children to connect with nature. Some of the gadgets found in this bingo game are such as lanterns and kid-sized forest shelters, among others.

The children, therefore, have a chance to discover the outdoors and learn more about nature. It is also the ideal game to have when camping and hiking. It is recommended for use by children of three years and above.

Product specifications:

• It is made from thick paper stock
• Comes as a pack of two outdoor bingo
• There are playing instructions for the game at the back

Our rating for this game is 4. 5 stars. It is recommended since it is the best outdoor bingo game. There are various cards in the game, and each card has 25 things that you will find in nature.

EeBoo United States Bingo Game

Eeboo United States Bingo game is a game that guides children to learn about geography. The geography learned using these cards is the location of the states. Each of the cards in eeboo United States bingo represents a region in the US. Additionally, there are chip feature icons that symbolize key features associated with the states.

The winner of the game is the one who collects all their bingo tiles and fills the boards. You can also learn more information and fun facts about the game at the back of the bingo cards. This is the perfect game that you can use to teach your kid about states and their different features.

Product specifications:

• Ideal for those five years or older
• Focuses on creative thinking
• There is additional information about the states at the back of each card
• Includes 84 playing pieces and six bingo game cards
• Has a cloth bag for storing the pieces, making it hard for one to misplace them

eeBoo United States bingo game gets a 4.5 stars rating. It is best to learn geography bingo games and more so the United States geography.

Sight Words Level Two Bingo Game

Sight words bingo game is a language skills building game. This game is a favorite for most children and parents because it is not only fun but also has a lot to learn about. It is perfect for those trying to learn English, children with disabilities, and also for small groups. The game has 36 playing cards, meaning that it can accommodate three to 36 players at the same time.

It is most enjoyed by children who are five years or more. This game helps build reading fluency and spelling skills. It also increases word recognition and vocabulary. There are flexible difficulty levels and has content that reflects current teaching and curriculum.

Product specifications:

• Ideal for the ages of five to ten years
• Includes 36 playing cards and over 200 chips
• Has a sturdy storage box
• Has 75 calling cards
• Comes with answers guide
• Has six different ways through which you can play

We give a five-star rating to this game since it is educative and fun and at the same time. The sight words bingo game is also the best overall game that you are assured it will not disappoint you.

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What to consider when picking the best bingo game for toddlers

With the many types of bingo games in the market today, picking the best among them can be a daunting task. For this reason, you need to equip yourself with the right tips to help you select a bingo game that best fits your kid. Some of the considerations to make are such as:

1. A skill learned from the game

As seen above, most of the bingo games available in the market today have something that they teach the children. To guide you in knowing the best game, identify the skill that you want to them to improve. For instance, if you would love them to improve their language skills, a bingo game such as Sight Words is a good way to go. On the other hand, if you want them to learn number skills, you can go for the Numbers Bingo game.

2. The budget of the game

Different kid bingo games have different costs. With this in mind, before you set off to look for an ideal bingo game, have a fixed amount that you intend to spend. You will find games of different prices starting from $10.

3. Fun in the game

The more the fun in the game, the more enticing it will be for the young ones. Therefore, before you buy the bingo game, learn something about it to know whether it will be entertaining to them. Do not go for a game that compromises the fun in the name of learning. A game such as Take N Play Anywhere is fun when played by a child and his/her siblings or friends.

4. Where you intend to play the game

As mentioned above, there are games that you can play indoors and others outdoors. Take time and identify the most preferred place to play the game for you to know where to play it. In this case, if you intend to play the game outdoors, go for options like Toysmith outdoor discover bingo. You can also get Take N Play Anywhere, which gives your children the option to play it wherever they are. Most bingo games are designed to be played indoors.

How do you make bingo fun for the young ones?

Toddlers are likely to lose interest in something after a short time, no matter how interesting it is. Some of the ways through which you can ensure that you keep them hooked to the game are such as:

 1. Have awards for winning

 Whenever an award is involved, people strive to ensure that they get it, and kids are of no exemption. Therefore, to keep them motivated in the game have a price to give to whoever wins the game. However, be on the lookout to avoid giving an award that could demotivate a kid who keeps loosing.

 2. Limit game time

 If the child is allowed to play bingo all day long, they will lose interest within a short time. To avoid this, limit the time they are allowed to play. You can set aside at least an hour or so every day, which is time for the child to learn and interact with the game.

What are some of the skills that you learn through educational bingos?

 It is possible to learn almost all subjects through bingo games. Some of the amazing educational tips that your children are likely to learn through the education bingo are:

 • Clock reading skills

 • Language skills

 • Reading and writing skills

 • The games increase their creativity.

 • Phonemics that is, learning the sounds that correspond to the letters of the alphabets

 • Mathematics skills including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

What are some of the precautions for bingo games for toddlers?

When children are playing bingo, be on the lookout to avoid swallowing and chocking of the play tools. Most of the games are to be played by children who are at least three years. In case your child is too young to learn how to handle the cards and chips in the game, do not allow them to be in the game as it could lead to serious consequences.


 Given the information above, top among the 5 best bingo games for toddlers is the Thinkfun Zingo bingo. The game is both fun and has several skills that a child can learn. The runners up for the best bingo game for toddlers is Sight words level two bingo game. Although one does not learn mathematics skills through this game, it is ideal for language skills.

 Each of these games is reasonably priced and can accommodate several players. They are also the kind of games that you can play in almost all locations. Buying either of them for your kid is, therefore, a worthy investment.